SBC-Churches.NEt was created to provide no-cost web hosting for relatively small Christ centered churches I have been associated with. Sense the web ministry is perhaps the least effective means of reaching folks for Christ, it would only stand to reason that these churches shouldn't invest a lot of money into it. Church web sites serve the same purposes of signs and bulletins. They serve as signs in that they let folks know who we are, and what we stand for. They serve as bulletins in that they conveniently tell us when events are and give other important information.

In the future they should also function as communications. These pages are hosted with Z-Host. Z-Host is not only inexpensive, but has many features such as Forums. We can use these to post prayer requests and testimonies about what Christ has done in our lives. We could also use Content Management System to allow normal computer using staff(such as Sunday school teachers and pastors) to enter information on each site. If you'd like me to forward your prayer request to the SBC-Prayer team, just e-mail me at CSMGJ@Yahoo.Com. If you need immediate assistance, please call me at 864-220-6073 and leave message. I'll call back asap.

Please pray that these sites would bring glory and honor to our only Lord, God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. If your church or group is interested in starting a web site, or for technical help with this web site, please e-mail CSMGJ. Thanks and God bless.
Crosswell First Baptist Church Hamlin Community Baptist Church
Crosswell First Baptist Church: Greenville, SC
Hamlin Community Baptist Church: Hamlin NY

Precious Friend,
Have You Come To The
Lord Jesus Christ On His

This page was adapted from a paper gospel tract bearing the same name. Please feel free to link to it and to use it to help spread the gospel of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. All of it's scripture references are hyper linked to the Blue Letter Bible.

Also, future plans include a chat Forum for our youth, and a downloads page which recommends free software I use to do church work. One of the best ones I found lately(thanks to a Truckstop Chaplain in Colorado) is www.e-sword.net. It's awesome. Check it out!!!

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